11 June 2018 - 16 June 2018

ADDRESS Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 Basel Switzerland
SCAG is participating at VOLTA 14 with a presentation of Christiane Peschek and Julian Palacz, two emerging artists who are both working at the interface of digital and physical realities.
The process of Christiane Peschek’s work is guided by the failure of the perfect photographic picture and the exploration of visual reality. Partly biographical, partly as an observer she is in search for the codes and roles of (visual) intimacy. She refers to Jaques Lacan and Jorge Luis Borges, which both question the definition of reality and its construction. 

Rethinking the photographic image production, she focuses on expanding presentation of visual content, she searches for new possibilities to display her work by extending the image from its conventional two-dimensional surface to text, objects, and smell.
Julian Palacz’s conceptual works deal with the aesthetics of data and information traces left behind both digitally and physically. Customized software and algorithms build the basis of his process in reference to their usage in contemporary politics and society. From a critical and technological point of view, he is interested in decontextualizing analytical procedures of mass surveillance and complex digital structures to examine their artistic qualities. With his ironic and highly aestheticized works, he wants to shed light on multifaceted aspects of an ambivalent reflection and stimulate new perspectives on contemporary processes.

11th of June
Private Preview

12th - 16th 
Open to the Public

Opening Hours:
12th - 15th of June 10 am - 7 pm
16th of June 10 am - 9 pm