Buğra Erol

Buğra Erol was born in 1986. He lives and works between Berlin and Istanbul. He graduated from Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty, Plastic Arts Department in 2012. Multidisciplinary artist, Buğra Erol mainly works with paintings, installations to build fictional universes composed of oneiric, sometimes comical figures, based on his own fantasized reality and actuality. His works are features in numerous exhibitions as 'Mind Your Wishes' at Berlin Art Projects in Berlin, Germany (2017), 'Greetings From Now On: Territories of Commitments' at Berlin Art Projects in Berlin, Germany (2016), 'Parallel' at Daire Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey (2015), 'Concrete Utopia' at Realismus Club in Berlin, Germany (2015), 'Merz 3000' at Plato Art Space in Istanbul, Turkey (2014), 'Penny Temporary D’Arts 'n Braunschweig, Germany (2012).